Even in the over-fed West many people are not receiving all the vitamins and minerals their body needs.

Jesus cared about people’s spiritual and physical health. He fed them when they were hungry and healed their diseases.

Much manufactured food is low in nutrients but high in saturated fat, salt, sugar and artificial additives. Further vitamins are lost though intensive chemical farming, manufacturing processes, long transportation and long shelf-life.

Do we want genetic engineering where fish genes are transferred to plants, and human genes to other animals?

The Ministry of Agriculture warn that many fruits and vegetables now contain pesticide residues.

The Bible has instructions on the prevention of illness though a clean environment and healthy eating. Being well nourished helps us to be fit and active in God’s service.  A study found that in the last 50 years many  vegetables have lost around 50% of their calcium and other beneficial minerals.

For decades hydrogenated fat was added to many healthy looking ready-meals and to snacks.  Good vegetable oil was treated with hydrogen to give a longer shelf-life.  This forms artery-blocking trans fats, which greatly increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.   God created good wholesome food and vitamins to nourish us and help keep us in good health. It is now known that many diseases can be prevented or helped by good nutrition. In today’s world this may take a little effort.   Environmental factors can affect health.   Toxic chemicals can produce oestrogen-mimic hormones, which can interfere with the human hormone and immune system.   It is thought this may be a cause of the large increase in breast cancer, prostate and testicular cancer in recent years.   The authorities now warn pregnant women not to eat too much of certain kinds of fish because of mercury pollution in the sea.   One in three people now get cancer during their life, and if current increases continue this is predicted to rise to half the population in the not too distant future.  So there is no room for officials to be complacent.  Christians need to let policy makers know that human health is very important to us.   Jesus told us to care for each other so we have to be concerned about suffering which could be prevented.


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